Sunday 27 April 2014

More notelets and good news

Hello to my crafty pals and I am so pleased you stop by to see me. I need your strength to keep me going with the big tidy. I cannot believe that all I had to do was one die cut and a few card trimmings to get twelve notelets done. I honestly think the stash is breeding, lol. 
Now for my good news, I have to take the bogs back into the craftroom for a bit of a spruce up because this morning we managed to buy our tickets for Glastonbury on the resale, boy were we lucky as the resale finished in fifteen minutes. For anyone who didn't see them on their first appearance, or just needs a smile, they are on and sorry I didn't paint them. Now for the notelets and please excuse the photos, lots of shiny bits.

Sorry for missing commenting on some blogs, our internet is going loopy
Lots of hugs to all, Flora.

Friday 25 April 2014

Neverending Kit

Hello to all my crafty pals and Thank You for wishing me well and commenting on my Gallant Knight albeit he never turned up in reality, that's life of course, lol. I really do enjoy having you join me in my adventures. 
Today saw me heading to the craft show in Shepton Mallet which I did enjoy. The paws survived my weight as I wandered around so I shall hopefully join you all tomorrow. The show was very enjoyable and small enough to bump into a lovely ex-colleague more than once. The only downside was that I only saw about half a dozen red rubber stamps. There were hundreds of clear ones and although I have a huge collection of stamps I would hate to see the demise of actual rubber ones. 
The big tidy up is going very slowly as I decided to use stash. When I first started making cards I bought one of those kits that makes a zillion cards so I made a few A6 cards that can be used as little notelets. I have only done one die-cut, it is on the first card and that was to shrink plastic the big Cheery Lynn Hummingbird, hope you like him. 
Sorry my new stash is not very interesting, some A3 storage, glue which I urgently needed, masks and some bottles from the £1 box which I really like. Hoping to catch up with you all soon.

Hugs to all, Flora

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Gallant Knight

Hope you are all well and Thank You all for your lovely comments. I am in great need of a Gallant Knight to comment on all your great cards for me. I am browsing and enjoying your blogs but I tumbled UP the stairs and hurt my paws so typing is being kept to a minimum. I am hoping to go to the Shepton craft show on Friday not that I need anything, lol but I like to see stuff.
This stamp was in the bottom of the bottom box of stamps and I still cannot throw anything crafty away. I cannot say who made it as it came in a box of pre-loved stamps some time ago. If any of you have a spare gallant knight let me know, sample attached (would prefer one without a beard, lol).
Hugs to all, Flora

Tuesday 15 April 2014

25 to be celebrated

Hello to all my fun pals and hope you are all well and sending special hugs to anyone not feeling up to par. Thank you for your comments which I enjoyed reading very much. I have been reliably informed that 25 is the new special birthday to celebrate, well I was happy to babysit the little fellow as my daughter got taken out to dinner and a bit of a relax. It is the first time she has left him so a new experience for all. So that is number 2 past the 25 post and daughter number 3 will follow suit next year and have those years just flown by. 
Our motorhome is back home finally, a big delay as the Italians sent the wrong part and it should have come from Germany in the first place. If we ever buy another vehicle it will be the most common make in the country.
I have managed to move the array of things stored in the house back into it so I can now enter my craft space without a hard hat. No excuse not to tidy up in here now, but I am not going to do the vital stats thingy, lol.  I managed to get my first set of cards for this year to the charity shop yesterday, got to put inserts in the next lot and they will follow, the lady in the shop was very enthusiastic about them which made me happy. 
My daughter hates fuzzy or large cards so this card is simple with three die cuts layered using Die-versions solo sentiment Happy Birthday which found it's way into my shopping basket and I think will get a lot of use. Also the Accent IT - Labels & Tags.
Hugs to all, Flora

Monday 7 April 2014


Hello to all my friendly pals and Thank You for liking my wishing card. Hope you are all well. My neck is still twinging but I can look about now, just not up and down. It is a bit of a disadvantage at 5 foot 2 inches not to be able to look up of course.
As you all know my attention span is ....... so I cannot find this blog again but it gave me a real giggle. Someone had posted their vital statistics at the side of their blog. It consisted of 

  • Number of stamps owned
  • Number of stamps used
  • Number of dies owned
  • Number of dies used
  • etc, etc
This appealed to my newly formed OCD tendencies but perhaps not to my sensible side. I could buy new items if I set my optimum usage percentage very low, lol .
OK I know I'm barking so here goes my last 2 doggie cards. The labrador die was a bargain but I realised after I had bought it that I have never seen a labrador standing still. 
Paper  and card - card blank is a 6 inch square 
backing paper from my scrap box,
 Dies used :- Popystamps labrador ,
Spellbinders Tile Works.
Paper  and card - card blank is a 6 inch square 
backing paper from old stash,
 Dies used :- Die-namics Chicken Wire ,
Spellbinders Labels 23 and
Wooden  Scottie dog.

Hugs to all, Flora.

Saturday 5 April 2014

Wishing Well

Thank you all for your happy comments, they have relaxed me totally. I have found something worse than driving on the M5 - yes, driving on the M6. These narrowed lanes and contraflows with huge trucks made me tense so in stepped my cervical spondylosis big time. I really hate being such a wimp where my driving is concerned and only managed a third of the distance. 
I also cannot believe that we were stationary on four different motorways on the return journey. I wonder how people cope with travelling on a daily basis these days. It is just as well my works put me out to grass some time ago, good job I'm not a horse of course with all my ailments. 
Now that I have put my little world to rights I shall pop my wee card on here but before that I will share a smile. I have been creating cards with manly colours and was surprised when hubby came to select a card to send, he chose my "too bright" card, lol. Here is today's play hopefully not too dull.
Paper  and card - card blank is a 6 inch square 
backing paper from a pad with a lost cover, and a bit of mirror card,
 Dies used :- Cheery Lynn  kitten from Kitty Kitty Meow Meow ,
Spellbinders Labels 21 and
Tattered Lace Wishing well.
Hugs to all, Flora