Tuesday 30 October 2012

Many restarts

Well I'm still here, Window8 certainly appears great albeit my graphics card doesn't work so everything is a bit squished so you are all looking a bit chubbier than usual. My scanner which is over 12 years old works, my Epson printer which has lost it's bloom of youth is also working as is the craft robo, My craft studio, Craft Artist, Kaleidoscope etc etc. I have never used Windows 7 or Vista so I cannot compare them but I think I will like it.
I did have to update my Microsoft Office but as I was running with Office 2003 I think that is fine, only had a very quick play but my excel spreadsheets look fine (my list of dies and important things like that) and I managed to print from word and it managed to read a document which had been converted from Office 97 to 2003 so I am a happy bunny. Once we get the graphics card done and I tidy up, I will be back to normal!!! Enjoy your crafting and stay warm. xx Flora

Monday 29 October 2012

New Windows

Well I've done the jump from Windows XP to Windows8 and everything I use has disappeared - goodness knows what this is going to look like, all my office stuff like Word, Excel etc were from the year 2003 and I believe I heard chuckling in the background as the update was happening. Anyway none of it works any more, oh! drat. I will miss out on comments until I'm back proper so look after yourselves and happy crafting. Now back to the battle. xx Flora

Saturday 27 October 2012

A little Green

Hello my crafty pals. Thank you for your lovely comments, I think I have a dread of not putting enough onto my card, your suggestions were most helpful.  Just in case any of you are feeling a bit peaky I thought I would pop one of these on my blog, along with some get well hugs so help yourselves. Hope you all have a fun crafty day and thank you for visiting. 
My replacement hard-drive has arrived so I will be off-line again for a bit but will wander about in blogland if I get a chance. 
Image – digi image Sympathy Bugs from Wee stamps 
 coloured with letraset and sakura pens, 
Paper and card - card blank is a 19 x 12cm made using Paper Mill card,
the backing papers are Meadow Lark 6x6 and Papermania Verde. 
Dies used – Spellbinders Labels 15 and the smallest lattice rectangle.

Friday 26 October 2012

Gilding Attempt

Hello my crafty pals, having felt a bit guilty about not using my gilding flakes which I have had since the first time around I was surprised to find my Zig pen still worked a treat. Ok this is only a tiny bit of gilding but it is a start and it wasn't as messy as I expected – lol. Not sure which way up this embossing folder should have been but it wasn’t quite the effect I expected. I do like the folder as it gives a flat panel in the centre to place elements on. Hope you all have a fun crafty day and thank you for visiting.This card doesn't feel finished so might still end up being cut up as a topper or just bits. 
Paper and card - card blank is a 5x7 whitish,
paper from my special card/paper box
and my die cut from co-ordination card,
Dies used – Memory Box Leaping deer and 
Coutour Creations Bon Jour embossing folder,
Gilding flakes from Crafty notions.

Thursday 25 October 2012

Glitter Fairy

Hello my crafty pals, I hope you are all well, and crafting mojos present and well behaved. I can say for certain now that die cutters are the best thing since sliced bread (you should see me trying to slice bread lol). You will not be seeing a great deal of hand cut decoupage on my blog unless one of my daughters feels she wants to do some cutting. She did the most difficult layer of Cromford for me but this one is all my own work.
I love this image but it is a bit tricky to cut but that is osteoarthritis/my manky hands for you. I hope the glitter shows up in the photo – if it doesn’t I’ll pop some on the camera lense if there isn’t some already there. That’s me and glitter. Should I feel like a goody two shoes using my CDs? Thank you all for visiting me and leaving comments it makes me happy reading them.

Image – Joanna Sheen, Enchanted Dreams decoupage.
Paper and card - card blank is an an A5 made from Centura Pearl White
Glitter and bling from stash.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Cromford - thinking of you

Thank you all for visiting my blog and I love reading the comments you have left.  This card was going to be simple; I printed the decoupage in May just prior to our holidays in case I got stuck in, in the rain. Anyway off we went to Scotland and had the most glorious weather especially in Shetland which I had not visited before, so my crafting stuff remained untouched until now.  As I was wandering around blogland I thought – well maybe I could put a bit of shape to this card so here it is. I found 3 little yellow buttons and now I can say I have only one little button left – a purple one so that has to go on the top of my shopping list, lol. I hope you are all having a happy crafty day.

Image – My craft studio, Cromford bear decoupage.
Paper and card - card blank is an 8 inch square folded,
  the backing papers are from stash.
Dies used – Lifestyle nesting lace squares, and
an edge from Spellbinders Grand scallop squares .

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Happy crafter

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments. It is great to have your company. I had a real relax in my crafty den yesterday albeit I also seemed to end up with glue gel everywhere - lol. I also had a leisurely wander around blogland. Now onto my card and with such a big smile and so many bags this must be a crafter out shopping

Image - digi image DigiDarla's Susanna Shopper
coloured with letraset pens.
Paper and card - card blank is an A5 made from Centura Pearl White,
  the backing paper is papermania verdee,
Die cut backing from stash,
velum from my too precious to be used stash.
Dies used – Spellbinders resplendent rectangles and wonky rectangles,
Memory Box macerena corner and
Die-namics retro squares.

Challenge entered :-  Sketch N Stash Challenge-99

Monday 22 October 2012

Lace and all

Good Afternoon my blogging friends, I am completely in slow motion today. We are fogbound here and to be honest we could be anywhere.I think you will all spot a bit of fiddling about here but I was in a bit of a texture mood. Anyway I'll pop it on here before it becomes tomorrow's card.
Paper and card - card blank is an A5 gatefold made from centura pearl ivory,
  the die cut flowers are from dreamcatcher 6x6,
as is the backing paper.
Dies used – Spellbinders resplendent rectangles to cut the aperture and inlaid bits,
and Die-namics layered rose 
seam binding and bling from stash and the lace was a beautiful gift.

Sunday 21 October 2012

Shape it

Good Morning my crafty pals , I have really enjoyed my blogging wander this morning and also reading the lovely comments left on my latest post. This was much better than any medicine after a night of trying to wish myself to sleep. Just when is this Indian summer going to arrive.
Well I have no card for you today but a crafty memory for me to store. I sometimes twirl the stems of my flowers and some I cut and yesterday I had a bit of stem from my bead swirl which I twisted round my finger. This is the result, I am not saying I am the first to do this but I did not copy it - I glued the stem flat to the scrap of paper and shaped it when it dried.

Sending crafty hugs to my followers and hope someone finds this useful. I suppose I should really have  been trowing those stems away but you never know what might be useful in our crafty world.  xx Flora

Saturday 20 October 2012

Buttons and Bows

Goodmorning(ish) my crafty pals. Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving lovely messages so I know I have company. Well I’m freshly shorn, of course if I had waited until the end of the month I could have posed as a werewolf (tut tut no forward planning). I am back to playing with layers and pinky shades, all my buttons are wooden and a bit heavy for what I wanted here so I had to make some – of course they wouldn’t survive a wash (hee hee). I must keep an eye open for some when I go to the Sincerely Yours show at Taunton in a couple of weeks. I haven’t even started my shopping list.

Back to my card, I printed some backing and pierced two edges, this is the first time I have tried this piercing as previously I have just done a little piece that a die gives. Well here goes and I always welcome any suggestions as well as comments. 

Paper and card - card blank is an 8 inch square,
  the die cut paper is from meadow lark 6x6,
the small squares of card is co-ordination.
Dies used – Spellbinders squares and beaded squares,
and Whimsy kite.
I am entering this into :- In the Pink - Buttons and Bows - Challenge #6

Friday 19 October 2012

Old meets new

Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving lovely messages. It is great to be back playing. As I moved some of my stash from A to B and left to right and back again , out poppet this scrap of work which may have been my attempt at t-bag folding. I took a piece of card I didn’t like and overprinted it as I needed to check if my printer worked in it's new position (I can now reach the ciss to refil it without acrobatics) and then played with my latest bit of stash. Well I have been quite good lately so deserved a treat – lol. It wasn’t the die on my wish list, as that one was out of stock, and I hummd and haaahd but it is definitely my sort of die. I cannot believe that the card candi fits perfectly in the centre. So I’ll pop it on here. Later today  I toddle along for a shearing in case I get mistaken for a dulux dog next time I go out even in a slight breeze. Enjoy your crafty fun and hope you are all keeping well. 

Paper and card - card blank is a 19 x 12cm made using overprinted card,
  the die cut paper is from annamarie designs 6x6.
Dies used – Poppystamps(Memory Box) Grand Gothic Stained Glass,
Gypsophila flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts
and a single card candi.

Thursday 18 October 2012

Turquoise bling

Just a quick pop in to say hello and thank you to my crafty pals, well my desk moved and then moved back because the layout wouldn't work. My bigshot has found a permanent space so it doesn't have to be put away every evening. I need a new hard drive in my computer hence the quick hello but my monitor etc is now on my desk so that is more sensible.
I only had one "a bit too much stuff" from hubby who was helping out. and he even strengthened my shelving unit so it is no longer threatening to collapse. lol
I was suffering from crafty withdrawel symptoms so although the task is not yet finished I decided to play with a bit of bling. As I haven't got the "tied-together" embossing folder I did the best I could. I will go for a little wander in blogland now and enjoy looking at all your cards. I will comment if my computer doesn't run out of steam but in case it does please all know I love your cards and blogging.

Sunday 14 October 2012

Deco 2

Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving lovely messages and a lovely surprise to find many of you also love art deco. I was so chuffed with so many comments. I have a few Mackintosh rose stamps but as they are wood-backed they are currently packed away until our building renovation is complete. (will update on that in about a year) lol . I cannot justify the round trip to Glasgow to see the exhibition but maybe one day. Now I really must spend a couple of days sorting out my stash before I trip over it and my computer which is also in dire need of some care but I will try to keep an eye on blogs so no mischief.

Before clearing my wee desk space I continued to play along the same theme but making a simpler card. I find it difficult to leave so much blank card and have been thinking what else should go on here but then maybe not - delightful indecision.  

Image – Decoupage possibly from Nancy Watt.
Paper and card - card blank is an A5 made with Pearlescent card.
the silver card from my messy stash,
  the backing papers are from annamarie designs 6x6.
Dies used – Spellbinder Square and Square swatches
and the Die-monde Charles Rose.

Saturday 13 October 2012

Deco Easel

Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving lovely messages. It is so appreciated. Also a very warm welcome to my new crafty pals, I am so glad you wanted to join me.
Today’s card also started with a gift (yes another gift) this time some great papers with toppers that I could do in art deco style – a favourite of mine. I have balanced this with using one of my more extravagant purchases, believe me as soon as I saw this die it was a must have. This is only my second easel card ever so it took ages to make and is a bit fuzzy but I hope you still like it. The card is on it’s way to my non blogging pal who loves the same style as soon as I put a stamp on it. 

Image – Decoupage possibly from Nancy Watt.
Paper and card - card blank is a silver 6x6.
  the backing paper is from annamarie designs 6x6,
and hammered card from my special card/paper box.
The black stripes down the left edge are washi tape.
Dies used – Spellbinder Square and Square swatches
and the Die-monde Charles Rose.

Friday 12 October 2012

Anniversary card

Thank you all for leaving such helpful comments yesterday with my butterfly card. I had got a bit skittish which is typical when the dratted fibromyalgia strikes the thought process.
Today’s card started with yet another gift, this time a die cut heart from some time ago so no idea how it was produced. This card was quick to put together as I didn't add any frills but I do hope you all like it. 

Image – part of the digi image Bird swing from Wee stamps
coloured with letraset pens.
Paper and card - card blank is a plain white 19cm square,
  the backing papers are from Country Boutique 6x6,
Papermania Verdi and corrugated Kraft card,
Dies used – Memory Box Magic Flourish.

Thursday 11 October 2012

Blue butterfly

By the time I finish this post it will be a very Good Afternoon to my great crafty pals. So glad you liked my little mice scene which gave me so much fun in the making, and enjoyment in the reading of your comments. 
Yesterday was a definite crafting no-no, I started thinking what I wanted to do , then remembered I was supposed to do some animal cards for the kennels so I changed my plan and at that moment mojo skipped out the door.
I haven't cracked the cd crafting thing yet so I got as far as changing my pdf files into jpegs and took a pause, I will try harder tomorrow - I think I feel that the cd images commit me to the colours I have to use even though I know I can change then before printing.
So I left the animal kingdom and played with my dies this morning and my much ignored embossing folders, still managed a bit of messing with the inkpads also. I was a little cross with myself for cutting the ribbon too short but managed to squeeze new tails in so I think I got away with that.  I think my card may need a greeting or a bit of bling in the bottom left but  I will have to think about it and listen to any suggestions which you may make.

 Paper and card - card blank is an A5 made from pearlescent card,
the backing card is mottled grey from the Paper Mill
and the paper and silver embossed are from my special card/paper box. .  
Dies used - Sizzix embossing folders Winter #2 and burlap
Memory Box Delia and Finn butterflies and
Magnolia Doohickeys Doily Flowers and Hellebores.

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Art and Craft

Good Morning all, I missed you all yesterday as I was at the dental hospital. It was my first visit to the new hospital and of course they have given it a new postcode also (I really must get a modern satnav). Anyway I got there and more by luck than judgment ended up in the correct lane for the right turn across the dual carriageway. Phew. I slept when I returned home so that was my day gone. I have now been playing for some time on todays fun card of mice and a bit of washi. I put a bit of tissue paper under part of the small strip of washi so it looks like a bit of material for the mice to sew. Admission time - the extra mouse at the bottom right is a cover up as I had an embellishment there that didn't work out (tried to fiddle and it broke).
The rest of my card is made up from 3 separate stamps, I do love masking and and over stamping when it works , which is quite a task with wooden stamps but very satisfying. Anyway enough waffle, I hope you enjoy and thank you for your lovely comments on my layering card and I will play catch up today.
Image - some of my all time favourite Penny Blacks
Sew Much Fun - 1650L
Spoolin' Around - 1653E
Things to do! - 1683K also
1 mouse from Tea Cozy - 1680J
coloured with letraset pens.
 Paper and card - card blank is an A5 made with Centura Pearl white,
  the backing paper is from my special card/paper box
PS: no dies were used making this card - lol

Challenge entered :-    Penny Black at allsorts

Sunday 7 October 2012

Play at layering

Well I hope I am forgiven as I abandoned my crafty pals today if favour of a queue (so rude of me especially as you are all so kind to me), cannot say I enjoyed being in this queue as I flipped backwards and forwards from the timeout page, to the wait page and then to the trying to connect and for anybody who thinks I've completely cracked up the answer is yes. Anyway success was achieved and we will at some time next year be the proud owners of our Glastonbury tickets, this took 1hour and 30 minutes of constant clicking, and got there just 10 minutes before they sold out.
So to wind down from the amount of coffee I consumed I decided that it was high time I had a real go at layering, I am always very impressed with what crafty peeps achieve through their lovely layering. I resisted adding the butterflies I was going to add but did add a little corner of bling. Please feel free to suggest things I could add to the card.

Image - digi image teacupfairy from mo manning
coloured with letraset and sakura pens.
 Paper and card - card blank is an 8inch square
and backing paper are from my special card/paper box. .  
Dies used -Go Kreate XXL Square frames Frilly #7.

Saturday 6 October 2012

Lace Gift

Thank you my blogging pals for putting up with my tiredness and my playing with different ideas, I am so pleased you visit and leave comments. 
Today’s card started with a gift of some beautiful lace. I hope my card lives up to it to some degree. I am always tempted to cover every little bit of my card so I grouped my flowers into one corner perhaps a little too tightly but got close to what I was aiming for. I was tempted to start adding butterflies and bling but I resisted. 

Paper and card - card blank is an A5 made from Centura Pearl White.
  the backing paper is one of the versions of my painted background
from a month ago – I painted on some plain paper, painted a
variety of die cut leaves and placed them loosely over the background,
took a photograph – this time I printed it differently onto pearlised paper.
Dies used – Memory Box Bistro Label and Crealies 11
The flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts.

Friday 5 October 2012

romantic but modern

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my first washi experience. It certainly looks as if romance is on the up and up as my last engagement card left the box yesterday and I needed to do one today - romantic but modern. Oh! I'm game to have a bash at anything.
This has been slightly hampered by one of these "do not do this please" - Yesterday morning I was cleaning the sticky from the back of a new spellbinder die, took my attention from what I was doing and the next thing I knew, well I'm sure you all heard me scream as I am such a wimp but the edge of the die cut right into the bend of my index finger. Every time I tried to do anything it split open again. I ran out of non-allergic tape but fortunately I'm not allergic to masking tape so I have a purple band round my finger.
Well I settled for something simple and papery with toned down buttons and a mix of pink and blue ribbon so here it is.

Wednesday 3 October 2012

First Washi Play

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my little ski boy. I am pleased to be playing again so I got out my new goodies and did just that. I was going to put a topper on this card but I might leave it. So without further ado here is my play.
Paper and card - card blank is a 6x6 from Joanna Sheen ,
   the papers are from annamariedesigns bought at Westpoint.
Dies used - Spellbinders Grand Decorative Circles One (smallest die) for the background, 
also used Die-namics Bookmark, layered rose and Retro Squares
and topped it off with 2 black roses and 3 white from Wild Orchid Crafts.
I put the washi tape onto 160gsm Text and Graphics then cut it with the retro squares die, I separated the end piece which had a small piece of washi tape to use in the top right corner.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Ski Boy

Well that is enough lolling about especially as I have to rouse myself to leave the house in the morning. I think when we put the central heating on my brain just says "why should I go out into the cold?" lol. I've had a little play, but not with my new stash yet, and to be honest this card does actually look better in real life than in the photo(the wool is actually very white). Anyway I found a bottle of "fluffy stuff", it has no instructions and a blocked nozzle but that never stopped a crafter before so I put it on the snow balls but I now seem to remember I should have dried it with the heat gun. Hope you are all having fun and I am in awe at the number of beautiful cards, etc that I have seen when wandering around my crafty pal's sites. 
PS: I have coloured his hair now , it is a good think putting photos on here, you can see what you have missed.

Image - Ski Jump stamp from lotv 
coloured with letraset pens.
 Paper and card - card blank is a 19 x 12cm made using Paper Mill card.  
Dies used - Marianne Designables DS0914 for the background., 
also used Memory Box Fringe Border and Tall Birch.