Friday 11 October 2013

Auld Lang Syne

Hello to all my wonderful crafty pals, thank you all for your comments on my card and hope you excuse my absence. We have been kept far too busy with our wee build and as I am not sure if I missed the Christmas makes I have moved onto the New Year, lol. I got lots of bits die cut and even coloured a lovely image but they would not go together to make a card so I started again with a simpler make. I heat embossed my die cuts as I was feeling cold and did not want to put the heating on as I would be trying to heat the world through our temporary doorway. 
This week started so disappointingly as we failed to get tickets for next Glastonbury, I will be even more gutted if the rumors come true and Bowie is there, I have been a fan since my teens, just a few years we may say!! 
Hopefully I will get some blog commenting done soon as I certainly miss you all, Thank You to all who missed me.  I have not managed to visit any craft shows so hopefully you are all supporting the economy without me. In the wee hours of the morning I would get myself off to sleep with some craft shows on TV but now even the sky dish is down from the wall.
Hope this post doesn't sound wingy, I really don't mean it to be so as I am still enjoying my happy little world. Next task is to help design this roof according to what the planners want us to do. Hoping you are all well and sending hugs to all who need a bit of care.