Tuesday 22 April 2014

Gallant Knight

Hope you are all well and Thank You all for your lovely comments. I am in great need of a Gallant Knight to comment on all your great cards for me. I am browsing and enjoying your blogs but I tumbled UP the stairs and hurt my paws so typing is being kept to a minimum. I am hoping to go to the Shepton craft show on Friday not that I need anything, lol but I like to see stuff.
This stamp was in the bottom of the bottom box of stamps and I still cannot throw anything crafty away. I cannot say who made it as it came in a box of pre-loved stamps some time ago. If any of you have a spare gallant knight let me know, sample attached (would prefer one without a beard, lol).
Hugs to all, Flora


  1. Enjoy the show - you might be tempted to buy something you NEED. Sorry I don't have any spare knights around with or without beards.

  2. Aww!! Flora I hope your paws are a wee bit better now.
    Enjoy the show, keep your "paws" in you pockets and leave your purse at home........Naaaa!!! not such a good idea, just have fun.
    Great card simple and perfect for a male. Sorry no spare Gallant Knights with or without beards round these parts.

    Patricia x

  3. A great card for a male Flora....sorry to her you've had a tumble....take more water with it next time..lOl...lOl... Enjoy Shepton on Friday I'm going with friends on Thursday.....Not that I NEED anything you understand...

    Anne x

  4. This image is just perfect for the men Flora. Sorry I don't know any Gallant Knights.Bare faced or other.
    Sorry you have hurt your ''Paws'' Hope you get to Shepton.
    Hugs Sue x

  5. great card and love the vintage image. hope the hands are better soon!
    Kim x

  6. AW Flora what a shame. Stairs are hellish things either way you go. I hope your wee paws get better soon.
    Have a great time at the craft fair and what is needing got to do with anything?
    Great card, very simple and terrific for a guy.
    Sorry don't know any knights, just my own , take care, hugs Kate x

  7. I think you've made a great male card using this stamp. Your choice of paper along with the distressing give this card a lovely masculine vintage feel!

  8. hi Flora, sorry you hurt your paws!!!. brilliant man card..
    enjoy your craft show.

  9. He certainly does look gallant Flora, I love your vintage image - a fabulous card.
    I do hope your 'paws' soon recover, take care.

  10. Awww I hope your 'paws' feel better soon Flora..and I love your card I'm not keen on beards either lol huggles Sue xx

  11. Oh Flora you have been in the wars, I hope those paws are a little bit better? Sorry no Knights here either. Your card is lovely and great for a man or knight. Hazel xx
    P.S. Enjoy going round the show.

  12. Lovely vintage card Flora. I hope your paws are soon better :o)
    Hugs, Jackie xx

  13. Hi Flora, what a great guy card! Hope your paws heal soon and enjoy the show! Hugs Carole Z X

  14. Hi Flora sorry to read about your accident hope you have a speedy recovery! What a fab card love your Knight in shining armour! Susan xx

  15. Hi Flora
    Ouch! Sorry you've had a mishap. Hope the "paws" improve for the show, just in case you need to get the purse out.
    You'll have to use the handsome fella on the card I'm afraid, as no knights lurking here either.
    Take care.
    Ang x

  16. Hi Flora......a fab card and I am like you..hate to throw things away..for sure enough I will need it...even if its sat in a cupboard for 10 years...you never know?
    Sorry to hear about your tumble I do hope you feel better soon

    HUgs Annie x

  17. Great male card Flora, looks great with the sepia tone to it. Sorry no Knights here but I hope you get better soon after your tumble.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx


Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I enjoy reading them and knowing that I have company. Crafty hugs. xx Flora