Tuesday 15 April 2014

25 to be celebrated

Hello to all my fun pals and hope you are all well and sending special hugs to anyone not feeling up to par. Thank you for your comments which I enjoyed reading very much. I have been reliably informed that 25 is the new special birthday to celebrate, well I was happy to babysit the little fellow as my daughter got taken out to dinner and a bit of a relax. It is the first time she has left him so a new experience for all. So that is number 2 past the 25 post and daughter number 3 will follow suit next year and have those years just flown by. 
Our motorhome is back home finally, a big delay as the Italians sent the wrong part and it should have come from Germany in the first place. If we ever buy another vehicle it will be the most common make in the country.
I have managed to move the array of things stored in the house back into it so I can now enter my craft space without a hard hat. No excuse not to tidy up in here now, but I am not going to do the vital stats thingy, lol.  I managed to get my first set of cards for this year to the charity shop yesterday, got to put inserts in the next lot and they will follow, the lady in the shop was very enthusiastic about them which made me happy. 
My daughter hates fuzzy or large cards so this card is simple with three die cuts layered using Die-versions solo sentiment Happy Birthday which found it's way into my shopping basket and I think will get a lot of use. Also the Accent IT - Labels & Tags.
Hugs to all, Flora


  1. That looks like a really useful die - didn't know about 25th birthdays being the 'in thing' these days.

  2. Love your card Flora and I love the die it makes a great 'no fuss' birthday card..
    I also didn't know that 25 is a new birthday to celebrate


  3. Hi Flora, love your card and a very useful die.

    Glad your part finally came through and you have your craft room back.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie Jxxx

  4. It's a fabulous card Flora, the big happy birthday die is brilliant and so useful, its a great unfussy design,your daughter will love it, take care, hugs Kate x

  5. Fabulous card Flora, the die cut sentiment looks wonderful.
    Sue xx

  6. Flora I love that happy birthday die, you will get lots of use out of it. Brave daughter leaving baby and going out, it took mine months to leave hers for the first time even with me, granted our youngest grandson just screamed the whole time so I was glad she didn't like leaving him and going out, different now he loves a sleepover. Hazel xx

  7. Good evening Flora, love that card and the Die.
    Bold but very effective good for both male and Female.
    Just noticed Hazel saying she has it. Might have to get her to cut me a few.
    We have had Thomas for sleepovers since he was 2 weeks old. Now Robert was a whole other story he would not stay here overnight. He was about 4 before he slept overnight. Now the pair of them want to be here as often as possible. Here tonight, we will take them somewhere tomorrow.
    Enjoy every moment you can with the baby they grow so quickly.

    Patricia xx

  8. fabulous die that Flora, great for male or female, love the card you have made..
    hope the babysitting went well.

  9. This is a brilliant card Flora, I love the large die cut sentiment it makes a real statement.

  10. Brilliant card, says what it means :o)
    Jackie xx

  11. It is a beautiful card Flora, I love the font used and sometimes it is just nice to make (and receive!) a fairly simply, but stunning card! Thanks so much for your comment on the beach hut, it was certainly fun to do. Hugs, Anne xx

  12. Hi Flora, I love cards like this that make an impact in a simple but fabulous way! Fab card and I'm sure you're daughter will love it! Hugs Carole Z X

  13. This is a gorgeous card Flora really love it huggles Sue xx

  14. all is clear and well said...very nice card

  15. Hi Flora
    Must have missed the excitement for my 25th lol!
    I have eyed up that die before and you're making me think about it again with this super card.
    Ang x

  16. Gorgeous card and now we celebrate the 1/4 of a century, then half then it goes on and we get old lol....love that die.xxx

  17. Gorgeous card Flora, Love the die-cuts...the font is beautiful....Happy Easter to you & your family... Hugs May x x


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