Thursday 8 May 2014

Shiny and Blingy

Hello to my very ignored crafty pals, gosh I am naughty especially as you have been so wonderful about my de-stash and my good news of course. I hope you are all doing well and are seeing a bit more sunshine than we are having here. 
On the conveyor belt today, hee hee, we have the shiny and the bling. I wonder if anyone else has dufex in their drawers!! My oldest daughter did help with the wee bling and has a charity in mind for these. I would like to say that this latest effort has made a bit of a dent in the stash, maybe it will show up better when I have sorted the inserts, envelopes and bags. You will only get a gist of what the cards are like as they are almost impossible to photograph. 
All my doggy and simple sympathy cards have gone and I have been told more will be welcome so you will see some more of those in the following months. Also a selection of my male cards will be welcomed so I think I will be kept busy.
Well the BIG tidy will continue for some time to come so who knows what comes out of the cupboard next. Again I am so pleased that you all visit and comment as I do love reading those. Get ready for shiny photo overload.


Hugs to all, Flora


  1. My Goodness Flora you have been really productive with these marvellous cards.
    They look lovely and all so different. Yes they are difficult to photograph, so shiney, but nevertheless I can see them quite well Hope you are well, hugs Kate x

  2. You put me to shame Flora.All these fabulous cards you have made.
    I don't like dufex for that reason.
    Hugs Sue x

  3. Well you have been busy making all these cards - as you say it really is amazing just what comes to light when thinning out the crafty stash although I've not come across any dufex yet, not something I was ever a great fan of so maybe that's one surprise I won't find.

  4. Wow! You have been busy Flora, you must have made a huge dent in your stash! Such a wonderful selection of cards, such variety, I know what you mean about trying to photograph shiny cards, I had the same problem this morning with one of mine.
    I look forward to your next collection of de-stash cards.

  5. Beautiful cards Flora. No wonder we have not heard from you. I have to admit I found some dudes Christmas ones during my reshuffle. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. Good evening Flora,
    I thought it was your house you were building down there not a "factory production line"
    Brilliant cards they will be snapped quick smart. Good for you using up "stash"
    Keep busy

    Patricia xx

  7. Hi there Flora - yup I have some Dufex in me drawers - I found it when I was sorting out my room. Still not used it though - lol. You really have been so busy, these would have taken me an absolute age to do. I bet they sell like hot cakes!

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

    PS Like your taste in music - especially the Bowie - I like to be able to hear the words as well, just so I can trill along! Ooops

  8. Wow, you've been really productive, Flora! Shiny cards are so hard to photograph, but I can imagine how beautiful these are in real life.

  9. Such a fabulous selection of cards Flora, you have been very busy. They all look gorgeous!
    Sue xx

  10. Well you have been busy Flora, what a lot of cards.. terrible to photo the shiny stuff. all look fabulous.

  11. Hi there
    You have certainly been busy...I feel lazy in return! lol
    Not sure what Dufex is as I am in Canada...but I think it must be a type of foiled toppers. They must be hard to photograph as when I try to get a photo of anything that has mirri card trim. no matter how slim of a piece, I always get glare.
    Lot sof grat cards, I bet they are pretty IRL.

    I too am on a de-stash kick. My room is stuffed tot he rafters and I so need to clear out some of my older things.I donate cards sets to charities too (Operation Red Nose in past years) and so I soldier on and make them up into cards. Non cardmakers do not know what is in and what is not!
    I think I could go about 2 or maybe even 3 years, and only have to buy card weight cardstock and glue.

  12. We'll Flora you've certainly been busy such a lovely selection of cards ...shiny cards are a nightmare to photograph


  13. Have fun cleaning your craft room...a down where you put things 'in a safe place' as I didn't and am still looking for several items I put away safely..

    great selection of cards and you keep

  14. Wow you have been busy Flora and what a great selection of cards! Good luck with the ongoing clear out, I really need to start mine soon as the clutter in my craft room is getting out of control! Carole Z X

  15. OMG Flora, you have been bus,. what a lot of fabulous cards. I have just been browsing your renovation project. I love watching the progress of the passionate people who renpvate old buildings and make them liveable again insted of consigning them to rubble!
    Jackie xx

  16. Hi Flora, I see you been a busy bee....great set of cards...if your craft room is any thing like will be busy in there as well!....Joolsx

  17. These are lovely Flora, cannot make out all the images but they look pretty.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  18. Wow you have been a busy bee Flora LOL great cards!! have a lovely weekend huggles Sue xx

  19. Gosh Flora you have been a busy lady making all these wonderful cards. Hazel xx

  20. Beautiful cards! i just know they will look amazing off camera!

  21. Hi Flora Hope you are well xxxxx
    Been playing catch up and Boy have you been busy!
    A fabulous selection of cards.
    Great news too xxxx
    Hugs Mau xx

  22. Good grief Flora
    You have been a busy girl again. Shiny stuff is always a pain to photograph. Dufex in your drawers sounds painful but Im sure you can get cream for it, lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x


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