Friday 11 October 2013

Auld Lang Syne

Hello to all my wonderful crafty pals, thank you all for your comments on my card and hope you excuse my absence. We have been kept far too busy with our wee build and as I am not sure if I missed the Christmas makes I have moved onto the New Year, lol. I got lots of bits die cut and even coloured a lovely image but they would not go together to make a card so I started again with a simpler make. I heat embossed my die cuts as I was feeling cold and did not want to put the heating on as I would be trying to heat the world through our temporary doorway. 
This week started so disappointingly as we failed to get tickets for next Glastonbury, I will be even more gutted if the rumors come true and Bowie is there, I have been a fan since my teens, just a few years we may say!! 
Hopefully I will get some blog commenting done soon as I certainly miss you all, Thank You to all who missed me.  I have not managed to visit any craft shows so hopefully you are all supporting the economy without me. In the wee hours of the morning I would get myself off to sleep with some craft shows on TV but now even the sky dish is down from the wall.
Hope this post doesn't sound wingy, I really don't mean it to be so as I am still enjoying my happy little world. Next task is to help design this roof according to what the planners want us to do. Hoping you are all well and sending hugs to all who need a bit of care. 


  1. Beautiful card Flora. You'll be hoping things get finished before the weather gets any colder. Wrap up well and keep yourself warm. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Nice to see you back and with a great New Years Card Flora. I don't envy you doing this kind of work in such awful conditions. Today has been particularly cold and windy and in fact we lit one of the woodburners at lunch time. Hope you manage to keep warm - dig out the thermals!! Love from Christine xx

  3. Oh Flora I have missed you and especially your humour, I had to read through the heat embossing twice to make sure I had got it, I'm still laughing at the comment. but seriously, don't be letting youd weather sets in.
    What a shame about Glastonbury, would there be cancellations near the time?

    Lovely card, love your dies and the blue and silver is spectacular. Look after yourself, hugs Kate x

  4. Good evening Flora, glad to see you back if only a flying visit.
    I have missed your little "funnies" but I realize you have to get that build wind and water tight before the winter sets in for real.
    Sorry to hear about not getting your tickets. You might be lucky nearer the time, someone might not be able to go and offer their tickets for sale.
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia xxx

  5. Hi! Me again,
    Forgot to comment on your stunning card.
    Love it all

    Patricia xxx

  6. great card Flora, nice to see you back in Blogland. sorry about you not getting tickets - you'll just have to be like me and watch on tv lol!
    Kim x

  7. Nice to see you back Flora! Your card is gorgeous, such a fabulous design and beautiful colour.
    Take care
    Sue xx

  8. This is a gorgeous card Flora, so many beautiful shiny details.
    I'm sorry you didn't manage to get tickets for Glastonbury, I'm a fan of Bowie as well, it will be such a shame if you miss him.
    I hope you soon get your build weather proof - it's certainly starting to get rather cold.
    Take care.

  9. beautiful card Flora, lovely to see you back, don't envy you being cold, had our heating on all day and night..
    hope you manage to get tickets nearer the time.

  10. Lovely to see you blogging again Flora..gosh you are ahead of yourself with your lovely new year card...hope you manage yo get your
    Glastonbury tickets....will email you over the weekend


  11. Nice to see you Flora.....I do hope you manage to get your Glastonbury tickets. Your card is just gorgeous.xx

  12. Hi Flora
    Great to have you back, especially with this super card. Love that circle.
    Hope you get yourselves warm and snug before the weather gets worse.
    Shame about Glastonbury but fingers crossed for some extra availability.
    Ang x

  13. Good to see you in blogland Flora.
    A gorgeous card, fabulous colours and design
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lorraine x

  14. Good morning sweetie this is just gorgeous, fabulous creation as always hugs Pops x

  15. Good morning Flora nice to se you back and with a gorgeous card to.. Had a wee look at your project blog and can see you have been busy - love the photo with the sun effect through the beams. Here hoping the weather holds till you get it all wind and water tight. Hazel xx

  16. Oh Flora, thanks for dropping in, I have missed so many of your lovely cards, you do a wonderful job on them, this is gorgeous.xx

  17. I was wondering where you'd got to but guessed you were busy. Great to see a New Year card - it will be here before we know it 'cos time flies!! Sorry you've not managed any craft shows but no doubt some of us are still keeping the crafty economy going with or without going to shows!!

  18. Hi Flora, welcome back to blog sorry about the Glasto tickets, I know from reading your blog how much you love it..hope you get all your work finished soon before it gets really cold. Love your card and glad you're back! Carole Z X

  19. Gorgeous card Flora & lovely to see you back... Love this New Year card I really need to make a few myself... Thanks for the inspiration.... Hugs May x x x

  20. What a beautiful card for New Year's! I love all the metallic colors and especially all that sparkly shine!

  21. Great to see you back Flora. What a wonderful card. You've made a card which is bound to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Jenny x

  22. This is just stunning sweetheart! I love your dies and love how you've embossed them.
    Sorry things are not going too great at the moment, I really hope it cheers up for you soon.
    Hugs xx

  23. Hi Flora, I'm back again - I saw your comment on my blog, if you are in Sodbury you must call in to my friend Amy's shop Out of the Blue, lovely craft section..we run our workshops together carole Z. xx

  24. wow this is fabulous love all the dies and the embossing just great
    Hugs Kate xx

  25. Hi Flora,
    fab card. Great die cuts and colours too. Wonderful embossing also . I love your speal on the embossing heat tool warming you up. I must give it a try, as I don't want to put my heating on yet. Rather put some woolies on instead, then there is more pennies to spend on keeping the crafting suppliers going. lol.
    I wonder you get any time to craft with all your renovations.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Lots of love. Jenny L.

  26. Hi Flora. What a fabulous card and super design,
    Such a shame you missed out on the Glastonbury tickets, I'm a Bowie fan too xx

  27. Hi Flora, your card is beautiful! I really feel for you with all the building works, ours have finished now and hope yours are finished soon too. So sorry that you did not get your Glastonbury tickets, maybe there will be some cancellations - fingers crossed. Keep warm if you can! Hugs, Anne x

  28. That is rough Flora, but you never know :) Love your gorgeous card, you really are on the ball and with so much going on in your life.

  29. OMG new years? I am still getting over Halloween...nowadays all is so much mixed!!! no time right? very nice card and the shiny papers are so appropriate for the occasion

  30. Such a fabulous new year card, Flora!
    I hope your renovation work is complete, as the weather has been horrible recently.
    So sorry that you didn't get your Glastonbury tickets, as I know how you love to be there.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and message on my blog xx

  31. hello Flora, just popping by to say
    have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year.
    pam x

  32. A smashing new years card Flora x
    Shame you never got the Glastonbury tickets.... I have never been!!!!

    I do hope you had a fab Christmas & that 2014 brings you everything you wish for x

    hugs sally x


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