Tuesday 18 June 2013


Hello to all my crafty pals and visitors, Thank You all for being such great sports and joining in, having a chuckle and a giggle with me. I had a great time reading your comments. I did mean to post this earlier today but of course camera batteries charge only if you switch the charger on. 
We had the daughters in and out on Sunday and there I was sitting feeling a bit miffed as I had planned a visit to the Taunton show but no way could I manage an 80 mile round trip with a very streaming eye. I had decided to console myself with a bit of online shopping (given the prices looked blurry), but my youngest asked me if I watched "hoarders" on telly after casting an eye over my fab stash, I let the items drop out of the basket. 
True to form my crafty pal Patricia came to my rescue explaining I was not hoarding, just collecting things "I need". 
So to prove a point I dug the bottom-most stamp box from my pile of boxes, I think I picked them up at a carboot and decided that I must use one of those forlorn stamps, I have no idea what make it is. Hope you are all having crafty fun and I will have a wander around blogland now my eyes are behaving themselves.
Image - from an unknown source,
Paper and card - card blank is an A6 Kraft card 
backing paper is brown parcel paper  which I embossed using Sizzix Cracked folder, 
some corrugated card and Nature's Garden paper.
 Dies used :- Whimsy  Dainty Notables 4
Spellbinders Wonky Rectangles
and Magnolia Doohickeys Peaky Floral Tag.


  1. Being a hoarder is one of the essential elements of being a crafter Flora, like my daughters yours need educating into this fine art of ours.

    I very nice feeling vintage creation today.

    B x

  2. Hello Flora. I'm a collector of collections too, so don't worry as there are lots of us about. Love that stamp and it has made a lovely card. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. I had to smile at your story about hoarders - I heard about the programme when it was going to be on but didn't DARE to watch it in case they'd been secretly filming in my house!! I much prefer to think of my self as a collector of all things useful!!

  4. Hi Flora,
    I thought that it was the eleventh crafting commandment "Thou shallt hoard"!
    If crafters didn't hoard, the EEC scrap paper mountain would be as high as Everest so we are doing the world a favour by keeping it in our homes. . . . . . . Hmm, Mr Duck doesn't go for that either!
    Lunch over so back to it. Love what you have done with that embossed parcel paper. x

  5. HOARDERS! gosh Flora, they are ones who hoar trash, junk, rubbish, us crafters collect all the important things of life to make us happy, imaginative, clever, creative and wonderful friendship......awesome card too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Crafters hoarding????!!! Never Flora, we are collectors of all things that aid our creativity. :)
    Fab stamp by the way, a good find and lovely card. x

  7. Hi flora,thanks for visiting me and shame you missed the craft show but now daughters gone i suggest you do your online shopping in peace :-)

  8. I think everyone has said it all already Flora, we don't hoard things we collect things that make us happy and there is nothing wrong with that. I must admit that I am trying to use things that I 'collected' quite some time ago at the moment buy I just keep 'needing' little extra things.
    Fabulous card, it has a lovely vintage feel with your gorgeous image.

  9. Hoarding craft stash?? never Flora! lol fab card huggles hun Sue xxx

  10. Good evening Flora, glad to see you managed to use some of the things you "need" no way do we ever hoard.
    Great card, love the stamp
    Carry on creating

    Patricia xxxx

  11. Hoarders ..... Never ....collectors..... Yes. My hubby discovered my ho.... Sorry collection when we had to clear out my craftroom/spare bedroom recently

    1. Sorry pressed wrong button. He asked if I was planning on there being a shortage of craft goodies by the amount I have collected. He was told every part was required. Shut him up ha ha ha.

      Love your image and card.

      Wilma x x x

  12. it's all been said Flora so I won't repeat! Glad you managed to use something that was hiding, I've been doing that myself lately :o)
    Jackie xx

  13. Fabulous card Flora and a lovely image.
    Crafters...hoarders....noooo!! lol
    Lorraine x

  14. Hi Flora,
    now my hubby mentioned the other day. I just wonder how much you have spent over the last ten years I have been crafting. Well I wouldn't like to hazard a guess would you.
    Mt Dad had a wonderful saying just in case, and that Justin gets in everywhere. lol.
    Your card is very lovely, wonderful stamp, and fab idea the brown paper being embossed.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  15. Hi Flora,
    it's me again. I forgot to say I hope your eye gets better soon.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. Hello Flora...your post made me laugh...HOARDERS Who us???? Never...we only collect useful things, dont throw anything away as you never know when you need it...... Just love you card and a great image....


  17. Great card Flora. Hope your eye gets better soon.

  18. I have to agree with Patricia, I don't think hoarding comes into it. I'm sure everything is absolutely essential.

    Love your vintage style card today.

    Take care,

    Kat xx

  19. have to agree with all that has been said, trouble is I say I need it, then do not use it.. great card Flora.
    shame you missed the show.pam

  20. Hi Flora,
    Great image, lovely card, very vintage. I think you should treat yourself now and again, in my case it is usually 'now' lol. Have fun. Michelle(happy2craft)

  21. Hoard??? I have never known a crafter SAY they hoard....!! Great card Flora. x

  22. Good morning sweetie, this is just Stunning :0)

    Huggles Pops x x x

  23. I did have to smile at you being called a Hoarder...we just don't throw anything away unless it is useful for 'something' at some point.... I think you should treat yourself. Love your card, that image is beautiful. Thanks for your comment on the invites, I really don't enjoy repetition but the base card is very nice to use and it was therapeutic in the end! Hugs, Anne x

  24. Hi Flora :-) love your make and the beautiful way you have pieced it all together x can't help you with the stamp though but it's lovely and perfect for this vintage style.

    Have a great day and thanks for all your comments, visits, wishes. They really are appreciated


    Annie x

  25. Hello Flora, Gorgeous card, love your design and the lovely image.

    Your story made me smile, and of course your not a hoarder, you are a creative dedigner and need loads of creative materials, I mean,how could you possibly manage with less. Kate x

  26. Hi Flora, fab card and your post made me smile..I don't hoard anything - unless it's craft related, lol and there lies a serious problem :) Carole Z X

  27. so gorgeous flora.i love your colours and really beautiful image :D

    xx coops xx

  28. Lovely kraft card Flora. I love watching the hoarder shows because it's the only time I think my craft room doesn't look as bad as it really is! LOL.
    Hugs Erika.

  29. That hoarders programme terrifies me, lol! I'm determined to get rid of some of the clutter this year, health permitting lol! Gorgeous card Flora, love the stamped image and using brown parcel tape is a fab idea. Keep well Karen x

  30. Gorgeous card Flora, I'm a right wee hoarder... I really must sort out my crafty stash...Hugs May x x x

  31. Lovely card Flora, great idea to use the brown paper.
    I think all card makers Collect things..its an occupational hazard...but hoarding....NEVER!....lol
    Glad you enjoyed my Kids play post.
    Hugs Mau xx
    hope the eye is feeling better xx

  32. Hi Flora, fab card hun. Doesn't it feel good to look through drawers and boxes we haven't been in for a while and discover things we'd forgotten about. All us crafters hoard!!
    Hope the eye is much improved my love.
    Hugs Sue W.

  33. Hope those eyes of yours are better now Flora. What a great idea to delve to the bottom of your stamp box. We should all do this more often. Hugs, Jenny x


Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I enjoy reading them and knowing that I have company. Crafty hugs. xx Flora