Friday 26 April 2013

Time Flies

Oh! my goodness, I hope my wonderful crafty pals will forgive me for being absent for so long. I have been trying to keep up with what is happening with our renovation bits and pieces and to help as much as possible. Added to this I took a second tumble within one week in our garden and ended up with a suspected broken nose. I have had my knee replacement operation cancelled twice. I get so cross especially and this time when the doctor asked me if I wanted stronger pain killers I had to ask him if they would stop me falling down, if he doesn't get this sorted out this time he will get his marching orders. 
I think I have forgotten how to make cards so this was a bit of a struggle, I don't think I got the embossing folder to produce what I expected. I will try to get around to some blogging in the next couple of days hopefully and then we start again, we have been so lucky with the weather up to now so fingers crossed that the dry days come back. 

Paper and card - card blank is a C5 made from Papermill card 
co-ordination backing card using the Spellbinders 3D creative Cogs, 
 Dies used :- SCACD Steampunk Wing Set,
Sizzix Tag (shortened) and
X-cut pocket Watch.


  1. Hi Flora, great having you back. You have had so much going on it is no wonder you have not had time for crafting. Bet you will be glad when all the building work is complete, it has been a long haul.

    Wilma x x x

  2. Goodness me Flora, these doctors seem to think a packet of pills is the answer to everything don't they. You take care won't you.

    Lovely use of your dies.

    B x

  3. Oh dear Flora don't you worry we won't forget you....lovely to see you again you take it easy. I do hope you have your op

  4. wondered where you'd vanished to Flora! sounds like you've been having a rough time - do hope things improve for you soon! and nice to have you back in Blogland!
    Kim x

  5. Nice to see you back. Hope things get sorted soon with regard to your knee replacement. And you haven't forgotten how to make a card! Lol. Christine xx

  6. Lovely card and great to see you are creating Flora. You must try to be more careful, although I do know sometimes it just happens - you hit the floor for no reason whatsoever. It's definitely time for your GP to start pressuring the hospital for your surgery hun - make sure you nag him! hugs Karen x

  7. Glad to see you back Flora. Lovely card. Such a gorgeous shade of blue (my favourite colour). Hope you get your knee sorted very soon. Take care.

  8. Oh Flora you have been in the wars this week..lets hope your knee op is soon and your doctors should be asking why you've waited so long.... Lovely card...


  9. Nice to see you back Flora but not good to hear your op has been cancelled again ..hope your a lot better after your fall hun..card is lovely huggles Sue xxxx

  10. Good to see you back Flora,been worried about you.

    Sorry to hear about your fall and cancelled up. Chin up and keep crafting!

    Susan xx

  11. Hi Flora, Nice to see you posting again...hope you get your knee done soon...and feel better after your fall...more water with it next time!!!...(just joking)....
    The card is lovely by the way....sending hugs to you...Joolsx

  12. Sorry to hear about your recent mishap - take care and try not to fall again. Good luck with the work on the house too and hope the weather stays good.

  13. Lovely to see you back again Flora
    nice card
    jacqui x

  14. Hello Flora, great to see you back here, I missed you. So sorry to hear of your fall, and that you're struggling just now, and how awful to have your op cancelled yet again, you psych yourself up for something like this, and then it doesn't happen. Perhaps you colould aske your GP to put the pressure on at hospital.

    Lovely card, those dies are just fantastic.
    You take care of yourself, kate x

  15. Good Evening Flora,
    Great to see you posting, love this and your embossing is fine. Your Die work is great, like those wings
    So sorry to hear about your fall, to have your Op. canceled twice is shocking, your GP needs to get in there.
    Look after yourself

    Patricia xxx

  16. Lovely card Flora :o)
    So sorry to hear you've had a fall again, sending you wishes for a speedy recovery...hugs
    Jackie xx

  17. Fabulous card Flora. The embossing and dies look great.
    Sorry to hear you've had a fall. I hope you are better soon and take care.
    Lorraine x

  18. You are sounding a bit stressed out Flora, hope things get sorted soon for you. No you haven't forgotten how to craft this is just excellent.

  19. Brilliant card Flora. I love the embossing and fabulous design.
    Sorry to hear about your fall and that your operation has been cancelled twice. I hope you don't have to wait too much longer
    Take care
    Sue xx

  20. Welcome back, Flora! You've made a great male card, fab metallic look that goes really well with the design!

  21. Glad to see you back ,your card is stunning ,sorry to hear you`ve had a fall , tell your doctor if you fall again you won`t compensation from NHS for not doing your op on time you won`t be falling if they had done your op .Melanie

  22. hi Flora, lovely to see you back, fab card with great embossing and embellishments.
    sorry you had a fall and your op cancelled again..

  23. HI Flora, great to see you back, but sorry about your fall :( love your design today, super male card, Carole Z X

  24. So sorry to hear you've had another fall Flora. Hope your nose heals quickly.
    Great card - just about says it all - I think time flies for us all. Sure they shortened the hours somewhere along the line.
    Beryl xx

  25. It's good to see you Flora and what a lovely card to return with, those die cut wings and the pocket watch are fabulous.
    I'm sorry your knee replacement keeps getting canceled it must be so frustrating for you.
    Take care and hope to see you again soon.

  26. Good morning sweetie, a fabulous creation as always, huggles Pops x x x

  27. so gorgeous flora.fab design and colours.
    i hope you get your operation soon.

    xx coops xx

  28. I can't see anything wrong with your embossing here Flora. Love the folder you have used.
    So sorry to hear of your fall hope they get your knees sorted out soon
    Eileen x

  29. Hi Flora,
    lovely to have back in blog land. My you have been such a busy lady
    with all those renovations to contend with.
    So sorry to hear you have had a fall. You go girl and give the old doctors what for, for cancelling your knee op. Pain killers as you say won't stop the knee giving way as it does sometimes without warning.
    Super embossed card love the colours used. I haven't embossed anything for ages.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  30. Awesome card Flora. Sure hope you are up and running soon my friend.xx

  31. Hi Flora, love your wonderful card and lovely to see you back. I can so relate to the renovation works taking up time, we are over 9 weeks in and still no end in sight....sigh. I do hope the knee op goes ahead for you soon, had mine done 3 years ago and it does stop all the falling down business.... hope your nose is OK now too - you really have had a time of it! Take care and thanks for your kind comment on my new DT position. Hugs, Anne x

  32. What a great card, I like that embossing folder, got that one myself, but not used it much

  33. Hi Flora glad to have you back with your blog, you have a great card. I love the background paper and fab die cuts.

    Have a wonderful day!


  34. Hi Flora, Beautiful card, Love the colours & design.. I do hope you have recovered from your fall.. sorry to hear the op was cancelled a second time.. lets hope they get their act together soon.. Take care, Hugs May x x x

  35. Great to see you back again Flora. Sounds like you've had an eventful time recently! Love how you've used your dies on this lovely card.

    Hope your knee op gets sorted out soon and no more cancellations. Doctors aren't always the most helpful people are they?

    Kat xx

  36. Great to see you back. Hope you are feeling a little better today, you have been going through the mill.
    Dreadful state of affairs that they have cancelled your op again.
    Love the card and looking forward to seeing more of your work again.


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