Monday 17 December 2012

Hubby's Birthday

A quick hello to you all and hopefully you all have Christmas fully prepared. I am so glad you all enjoyed my wee Christmas message to you. It is hubby's birthday tomorrow so after that we will be able to do any decorating, tree etc as he doesn't like it done before his birthday which I can understand. I made his card but on reflection I should have made the meerkat a bit taller, never mind it doesn't have to be to scale, does it? On Thursday I have to go to the boob squashing clinic and I am so looking forward to going to Bristol centre which is bound to be bedlam - NO. I had to laugh as the appointment time is 12.12 which is a bit precise. I will be able to get there by bus and will have a quick look round the market if it is not too busy. Hubby enjoys baking and cooking as well as meerkats and always likes to use a dash of wine or cider in his dishes.


  1. Great fun card Flora - and happy birthday to your hubby! Don't you just SO look forward to mammograms??? NOT!! But an essential appointment nevertheless.
    Hope you enjoy the market - and we - like you- don't put our tree up until a few days before the day---- cos I get sick of looking at it!!!

  2. Flora this is fantastic the image and layout are so much fun. Happy Birthday to your hubbby. Caroline xx

  3. great birthday card Flora - and so nice to be able to make one that fits all his 'hobbies'! Many happy returns to him too!
    Kim x

  4. Great card Flora especially if your hubby likes cooking..and I hope your hubby has a nice day....but dont envy your appointment!


  5. Great card Flora love this image

    Enjoy the market

    jacqui x

  6. Happy birthday to your husband and I'm sure he will love his card. I never put up my tree until after my anniversary.This year it went up earlier because I needed to sort out new lights, so I actually finished dressing it on Saturday. Hope you enjoy the market! love from Christine x

  7. This is fabulous Flora and Happy Birthday to your hubby for tomorrow, I am sure he will love his card.
    I hope your appointment goes okay.

  8. It looks perfect to me Flora and I'm a real meerkat fan.

    So sorry I've not been by lately, been so under the weather but trying hard to play catch up.

    B x

    1. The image is on a CD ROM from Gwyneth Windsor. It has a number of digi stamps on it and I find it very useful. The important thing is to make a full recovery - blogging will still be here when you are better. xx Flora

  9. Hi Flora, Happy Birthday to your hubby for tomorrow, bet he will love your card it seems to encompass all you say he enjoys. I love it when a card is really personal, I feel it is more appreciated. Good luck with your squashy bits.

    Wilma x x

  10. Super card Flora! Hope your husband has a lovely birthday! Carole Z X

  11. awesome this did make me smile what a great card he will remember this one
    Hugs Kate xx

  12. LOVE this card Flora!! My three would be so happy to get meerkat cards and I love that you've put this one in the kitchen like hubby. Hope he has a lovely birthday. Hugs, Jenny x

  13. Good Evening Flora,
    Love it!!! certainly made me smile, I am sure he will be delighted. Hope your Hubby has a great birthday.
    Know what you mean about the tree, when Jackie was little that was part if her birthday, she got to put up the tree. John and Audrey always wait till after Roberts birthday to put theirs up.

    Patricia xx

  14. hi Flora, this is a fabulous card for your hubby, tell him best wishes.. good luck with your appointment, has to be done... pam

  15. I hope your hubby has a great Birthday, Love the card it's Fantastic!! I am sure he will love it.. I hope you got on ok at the boob squashy session "ouch" it has to be done though!!! Hugs May x x x

  16. Fabulous card Flora, I hope your hubby has a great day :o)
    Jackie xx

  17. brilliant card flora.really fab design and i love the image :D

    xx coops xx

  18. Hi Flora,
    super card. Just love everything about it.
    I hope hubby has a wonderful Birthday.
    I just love your description of the boob clinic.
    One year they really hurt me and I came out with tears in my eyes.
    I did feel sorry for the next lady as she looked at me and said does it hurt. Well I tell you the lady doing the scan that day was a butcher because I have a good pain thresh hold.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  19. Hi Flora... Love this card. Love the features youve used and the great scene. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! Hope you and your family have the best christmas! Many christmas Hugs
    Sharon xxx

  20. Too cute! Hope your hubby had a happy!

  21. Fabulous masculine card! I always struggle with those, you rocked on this one :) Merry Christmas xox
    Tammy at Créations LaDiva :) xx

    P.S. I have some candy on my blog, you are more than welcome to join and thank you if you already have ☺

  22. Happy belated birthday to your hubby, hope he had a fantastic day. Your card for him i so funny and cute, he will love it!
    Tee hee, 12.12 what a time!!! They are even crazier than our dr's !!!
    Hope everything is ok with you!
    Hugs, Alessandra


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