Friday 30 November 2012

My Christmas cards

Not a great welcome for my new follower as I am being a bit bah-humbug and moaning about our freezing temps, I have missed visiting you all but between helping prepare kilograms of onions and shopping, on the understanding that we are going to be under siege, has taken the wind out of my sails. Cards not all done yet but I feel a wee halo rising above ankle level. Sending all my crafty pals a hug and hoping you are all staying warm and I will visit you all again soon. Please feel free to giggle as  I am now showing you how I like to see my Christmas cards.


  1. Good on you Flora to get the envelopes prepared, half the battle. Can I ask what the onions are for?

    Wilma x x

  2. Yes what are the onions for Flora? Have a good weekend hun. Hugs Caroline xxx

  3. Well you've got us all wondering - so what are these onions for Flora? Christine x

  4. are you pickling your onions Flora

  5. Over the summer I was saying I couldn't find any onions that made me cry any more, anyway I managed to get some really sharp ones, 10 kilograms for £1.98 in Lidl and I have prepared some for freezing to use in all sort of stuff. I am very partial to onions especially bhaji.

  6. Like the envelopes but are there cards in them already ?? if so you are fantastic must get my head down I have loads to do ,but still 1 mans card to do for the 8th .Melanie

    1. The cards are in the envelopes and going in the box tomorrow, I decided early this year to make most of my Christmas cards using the Thomas Kincade CD and it seemed still fitting to do so even though he had passed away. It is the first time I have thoroughly used a CD.

  7. Well done to you Flora. I'm glad you answered the question about the onions, I thought I had missed something!


  8. Hope it gets warmer for you soon. Congratulations on having your cards ready to post. I still have more to make. We are having a heat wave here in Sydney.

  9. You CANNOT have cards in those envelopes Flora..... it's not right!!!! You must rush about at the last minute still making.. then decide you haven't made enough and go buy some me!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Well done Flora, that's how I like to see my Christmas cards too. I have 99 done now and hoping to get the inserts in them tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to type out my labels as I lost my label programme due to having to replace my hard drive earlier in the year. Still I'm better than usual!!

    Kat xx

  11. Good for you Flora, great job done.
    I have a few made but I am not "Sending" many this year. I have donated some money I would have spent on card plus what I would have spent on "Postage" to one of the Charities Hazel and I are raising money for. I feel it will be put to better use.

    By the way just leave the coconut out of the Truffles and add a few more biscuits instead. Done that before when I have run out of coconut.
    Happy Crafting

    Patricia xx


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